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Loose Ends, Volume One (Loose Ends #1)(14)
Author: Kristen Ashley

Holy Christ.

Goddamn beautiful.


Fuck it.

He yanked his hips from her and her eyes shot wide.


He caught her hand that had been at his cock, ordered, “No talking,” then commenced dragging her across her great room toward the stairs like he was a brooding hero in a gothic novel.

Even when that entered his head, it didn’t stop him.

He also didn’t stop when he pulled her into her bedroom.

Jesus, more white.

But the room was the shit.

Best part, the bed sat on a squat, freestanding platform about four feet from and facing the floor to ceiling windows in a way that it would feel like you were hovering right over the ocean.

He did not figure they’d be paying any attention.

He stopped at the side of the bed and tugged her toward him.

Looking down at her as he slid his arms around her, he muttered, “We’re gonna regret this.”

He barely got out the word “this” when her finger was to his lips.

“Like you said, caro, no talking.”

And then she kissed him again.

He took over the kiss, turned her so her back was to the bed, and leaned into her so they fell in, him on top.

Christ, he could be all about her mouth for years, fucking decades.

And then he got her shirt open and the cup of her bra tugged down (both sides) and he discovered he could be all about pulling her nipple into his mouth for centuries, listening to those noises she made while he did and trying hard not to grind his cock into her thigh.

And then he was pulling those ridiculous, and ridiculously sexy pants down her legs. The material slithered off the side, over the edge of the platform, and made a soft, expensive sound, like a sigh, when it hit the floor.

But Hap was too busy seeing Luci spread on her bed, her long, dark hair everywhere, her sweet little tits pushed up over her bra, a tiny pair of panties covering her sex.

He drank her in.

It was a mistake to give himself that. His inattention to where she was at meant he found himself on his back with Luci on her knees beside his hip, tugging at his belt.

“Baby,” he murmured, his hand going to still hers, slow this down, give both of them a chance to catch a thought.

“No talking,” she returned, slightly breathless.

He aimed differently and did an ab curl to lift his hand to her face. “Babe.”

She yanked his jeans down his hips and he was momentarily distracted by the sweet relief of his rock-hard, aching cock slapping free and then he was totally not momentarily distracted, but instead completely lost when she swallowed all of him she could take.

He fell to his back and his fingers instantly slid into her hair as he groaned, “Fucking fuck, you’re good with your mouth.”

She was.

Best ever.

By a long shot.

She blew him and he lifted his head to watch and honest to God, he wanted to spend a millennium watching Luci with her hollowed out cheeks pulling deep at his dick, her gorgeous head bobbing, but he couldn’t.

She let out a surprised cry when he pulled her off and yanked her up over his chest.


“Panties off,” he bit out. “Now.”

Her eyes flared and she scrambled to do what she was told.

It was fucking cute.

He didn’t take a minute to reflect on how cute it was because it was also shit hot and he had to get a condom on, like, yesterday.

He got his wallet out, retrieved the condom, tossed the wallet over the end of the bed and got up on his knees, not even bothering to take off his jeans.

When he was on his knees, he vaguely saw his cap was sitting on her bed at the bottom edge of her pillow.

It did not vaguely register he liked that. He liked the fact he hadn’t even noticed she’d tugged it off and tossed it aside. He liked something of his, something he wore all the time, resting like it belonged there on something that was hers, somewhere she went all the time.

This, his aching dick and hearing Luci’s movements spurred him further to make light work of the condom.

Once it was on, he twisted to her then caught her around the waist.

She cried out a different way when he hauled her through the air to him.

And yet again a different way when he lifted her up, she wrapped her legs around him, and he drove her down on his cock.

Her head fell back and her nails dug in at either side of his neck.

Hap gritted his teeth at the sight, the stab of her nails that rocketed right to his dick, but more at the feel of her tight and slick and hot, sheathing him.

She dug her heels in the backs of his thighs, using them as leverage to fuck him, and he let her have that moment and let himself have that moment of watching her do it, feeling it, before he dropped her to her back in the bed and drilled her.

“Yes,” she breathed, now digging her heels in to tilt her hips to take more of him.


He went at her harder, moving in to kiss her while he took her, but her chin dipped down sharply, she caught his eyes and whimpered, “Hap, luce mia.”

Holy shit.

“Baby, are you co—?”

He didn’t get that out as she spasmed around him, tossing an arm out to clutch at the comforter over her head, her other hand holding tight to his neck, her head pressing back into the mattress, sweet noises panting between her lips.

Yeah, she was coming.

He hadn’t even got near her clit.

He gave her that, and it looked really freaking good, just with his dick.

Shit, he felt like he’d conquered a nation and then took her there to cut the ribbon to her new world.

And then it overwhelmed him and Hap was all about burying himself in her, his cock, his face in her neck, his grunts blasting her skin as he exploded, everything went black, all he could smell was Luci, all he could feel was her pussy clutching him tight.

He came down, shifting so his forehead was at her shoulder and he was certain he was taking weight in a forearm, but otherwise he didn’t move.

He was inside Luci.

On top of her, on her bed, in her room, planted to the root inside Luciana after having the quickest orgasm he’d had since he was about seventeen, this after having the best sex he’d had since . . . ever.

Okay, right.

Coming here had not been his most sterling idea.


“Hap,” she called.

He lifted his head and looked down at her.

She looked like she’d just come, done it hard, and was still feeling the goodness of that.

But still, she was terrified.

And again, Hap was unraveled.

So that was when he put his hand to her face and swept the pad of his thumb over her cheekbone before he drew circles with it at her temple.

“We’ll figure it out,” his mouth said.


Coming here had been freaking stupid.

“We will?”

Hope had lit her expression, her words, the room around them.


“Yeah, honey. We will,” he murmured.

She smiled right into his face, bright and beautiful, and clutched him to her with all four limbs.

Pure joy.

So damned sweet.


Just to See Her Smile



Luci pressed her forehead into the bed, her fingers curled into the comforter at the sides of her head, her body rocking with Hap’s thrusts, her mind centered on his cock filling her and retreating again and again and again, the sounds of their flesh connecting, the feel of his fingers digging deep into the swells of her behind.


Oh no.

No, no, no.

George “Hap” Cunningham did not treat her like an untouchable goddess or breakable glass.

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