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Driven (Driven #1)(15)
Author: K. Bromberg

I hang up the phone, excitement bubbling. All my hard work over the past two years to get the approvals, the board’s backing, the plans, the funding—it all might finally come to fruition and become a reality.

I finish with the dinner preparations so all that the next shift has to do is put it in the oven. I grab my purse and overnight bag and start to gather my things. I glance at my cell phone in my purse, and begrudgingly decide to check my email. Maybe I can tackle a few phone calls from them while I am in traffic.

I scan my inbox and notice one I’d received earlier in the day from Donavan. I contemplate just deleting it, but curiosity gets the best of me, and I open it up.

To: Rylee Thomas

From: Ace

Subject: Dexterous Fingers



You’ve left me no choice. Your lack of response has left me to take matters into my own hands.

You remember how those felt, don’t you?


Arrogant ass. I delete the email. What’s he going to do? I’m even more indifferent to him now that I know about his and Bailey’s tryst in the dressing room. Or at least I am trying to be. Come to think about it, they probably fit each other perfectly. Manwhore and maneater.

I smile at the thought as I finish collecting my things and say goodbye to the troops.

Traffic is unusually light as I drive toward the office. I take this is a sign that good things are going to happen. It’s a beautiful, sunny California day, unusually warm for the ending of January. What I would give to grab a towel, head to the beach and lay there, letting the sun’s warmth rejuvenate me.

In no time at all, I pull into the parking lot of Corporate Cares. I walk quickly up to the building’s lobby, checking my reflection in the mirrored windows. I have on my favorite blue jeans that sit low on my waist and a snug, red V-neck t-shirt. Luckily I had an extra one in my bag because I don’t think Teddy would enjoy my original one that’s now splattered with Ricky’s vomit. I fuss with my hair a moment, pulling the clip from it, letting my curls fall down my back.

After a short elevator ride, where I’m able to touch up my lip-gloss and pinch my cheeks for color, I arrive on the floor of the main office. I walk past my office, nod to several people and exchange pleasantries on my way to Teddy’s receptionist. I note that the shutters on the conference room windows are closed and absently wonder what meeting is taking place in there.

“Hi, Sandy.”

“Hey, Rylee. I’ll let him know you’re here. He’s expecting you.”

I smile. “Thanks.” I walk toward the wall of windows that extends throughout the office and watch the line of cars of people heading home on the freeway. The ants go marching one by one.

“That was quick!” I turn to face my boss, a broad grin on his face. “I can’t wait to catch you up to speed.”

“I can’t wait to hear what’s going on,” I say as I follow him into his office.

I sit down across from him in the black leather chair, happy to be sitting and off my feet.

Teddy sits across from me, unable to contain his enthusiasm. “I got a call earlier today and have been in a meeting all afternoon hammering out a deal. Get this,” he emotes as he leans toward me, placing his hands on his desk, “CD Enterprises has come forward wanting to put up half of the remaining cash for the facilities as well as raise the remainder of the money by getting other companies to match or sponsor them.” His words come out in a rush of air, excitement in his eyes.

I process his words, trying to formulate a coherent thought. I can’t believe this is really happening. “What? How? Wow!” I laugh, caught up in Teddy’s whirlwind.

“I am still fine-tuning the finishing details of it right now. Colton’s in the conference room right now.” He motions with his hand toward the hallway, “I’ll bring you in there in a second to reintroduce you.”

“We’ve met?”

“Yes, I introduced you to him on Saturday at the benefit.”

“You introduced me to a lot of people at the benefit,” I tell him laughing, although I don’t remember the name Colton. “So many I couldn’t keep their names and faces straight. Let’s hope I remember what conversation I had with him so I don’t look like an ass.”

He laughs at me, the reassuring sound booming off the walls of his office. “I’m sure you’ll be fine! Anyway, this could be it, kid! All your hard work will finally come to fruition!”

“This is so great, Teddy!” Relief seeps into me. We’d been told earlier in the week that without the complete funding, the project might possibly be delayed by another eight months to a year.

“Almost too good to be true, really.” He shakes his head as if he is still trying to believe this is really happening. “I have to tell you though, Ry, I’m gonna have to depend on you to help me with this. They want a dedicated person from our office to work side by side with theirs to make this happen, and they requested you.”

I nod my head despite my eyes narrowing as I try to figure out why or how the company knows me. It doesn’t matter. What matters is getting the funding. “Sure, I’ll do anything. You know that.” I put my hand up to my chest, covering my heart. “I can’t believe it! Whatever you need, I’ll do to get this funding—to keep this ball rolling.”

“That’s my girl! I knew I could count on you!” He rises from his desk. “C’mon, I can’t wait for you and Colton to reacquaint and go over the fine print on the agreement.”

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