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Infatuation (Club Destiny #4)
Author: Nicole Edwards


Unusually quiet.

That’s the only way Tag could describe the sound, or rather lack thereof, that greeted him the instant he stepped foot into the immaculately decorated, overly spacious house.

One week, – seven long days – had passed since the last time he was here; the last time he had been privy to the sensual smorgasbord that he was sure to stumble upon at any given moment. He knew why he was here, and he knew what was going to happen, he just didn’t know when, where or how. He was pretty sure she liked to keep him guessing in that regard.

Tonight, for some reason, Tag was a little hesitant.

Ok, maybe more than just a little.

Not that he wasn’t fully onboard with the agenda for the evening. He just couldn’t seem to shake that niggling little voice in his head that had him wondering whether he should be doing this. Honestly, he had never heard this voice before; never questioned his decisions in regards to this aspect of his life. But tonight he was questioning himself for one reason and one reason only.


The woman who had stepped into his path that one unusually warm October afternoon. The one who successfully imbedded herself somewhere in the dark recesses of his brain.

Tag knew her name, but that’s about all he knew at this point. Well, other than the image he was intimately familiar with; the one that continued to haunt his dreams on those long, lonely nights. There was an intensity about her; one he couldn’t shake regardless how many times he tried to convince himself that it was only in his head. He didn’t know her, but for some reason, she plagued his mind with thoughts that he knew were better left alone.

Which was why he was here, his legs carrying him through the vast open space as his eyes took in his surroundings, attempting to predict what was about to happen before it actually did. Generally, that never worked for him, mainly because he had learned they liked to keep him on his toes.

He didn’t doubt himself now. He knew what he wanted, or rather what he needed, and it wasn’t some mystery woman disturbing his thoughts and making him anticipate something he knew was well out of his reach.

He was here now, and that was what he needed to focus on. A couple of hours of mind numbing ecstasy at the hands of a woman who didn’t threaten his resolve, or have him wishing for things he had never wanted before.

This was the best of both worlds. The opportunity to explore his sexual fantasies, while keeping himself detached from those pesky emotions that others around him had succumbed to in recent months. He wasn’t interested in those things. He only had room for physical connections at this point in his life. These midnight trysts were all he needed in order to fulfill the areas he sometimes questioned were lacking, but knew that wasn’t the case.

And what better way to escape from his thoughts than to find gratification in the touch of a woman without the worry of discussions about something more. Logan and Samantha offered him that; they offered him the chance to erase all of the stresses of life for just a few hours and still give him the ability to walk away afterward without an ounce of guilt.

As Tag approached the living room, he was welcomed with even more silence. He knew the drill, knew that he would spend a couple of minutes anticipating the how and where before he stumbled upon what would ultimately allow his mind to clear for that short period of time. Tonight it wouldn’t be in the kitchen or on the veranda because both of those places were empty. That meant there was only one other place they could be.

As he turned toward the master bedroom, Tag loosened his tie while welcoming the anticipation he sensed building in his gut.

Bypassing the bedroom, he turned the corner into the ostentatious master bath, with its floor to ceiling mirrors and expensively tiled floors until his eyes landed on the wickedly hot scene already playing out before him. They hadn’t made it into the shower yet, but Tag could hear the water as it ran on the opposite side of the wall. What he saw instantly had his dick swelling and his balls in desperate need of attention.

Sitting naked on the bathroom counter, her legs spread wide, her back pressed against the mirrored glass with her head thrown back, Samantha McCoy was completely unaware of his presence, although he knew she was expecting him. As was her husband, Logan, who was currently kneeling between her legs, holding her open as he devoured her with his tongue.

Without hesitation, but not rushing either, Tag divested himself of his suit jacket and tie before slowly unbuttoning his dress shirt. His eyes were glued to the erotic display before him, allowing him the chance to push all other thoughts out of his cluttered mind.

At least for tonight, Tag was the third in this rendezvous, and he was satisfied with that just as he had been for the last few months, ever since Logan McCoy approached him. With Sam’s enthusiastic attitude toward sex, her ability to open herself up to exploring the pleasure that could be had from a threesome, Tag had nothing to fear except for the onslaught of physical gratification.

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