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Addicted (Club Destiny #2.5)
Author: Nicole Edwards

Chapter One

“So let me get this straight.” Sam trailed her fingernail down the center of Logan’s chest, enjoying the way his breath caught when she went just past his sexy as hell belly button. “You want to bring another man into our bed.”

Trailing her finger back up, through the soft, dark hair spattered on his chest, she veered to the right and let her nail scrape gently over his nipple.

“That’s what I’m saying.” He confirmed although he didn’t sound nearly as confident as Sam was used to.

This was the man who had ordered her pleasure back when Logan included his twin brother Luke in their little soirees. Since Luke had to go off and fall in love, Sam and Logan had shared some intimate conversations about who they might be able to invite to join them in the future, but had yet to venture past the talking point. Tonight she’d been the one to bring it up.

“And you’ve already selected someone?” She asked as she maneuvered her body so she was leaning on one elbow while still teasing him with her hand.

This time when she trailed down his chest, she dipped her finger into his navel before exploring a little lower, her hand brushing ever so slightly against the swollen head of his penis.

“Sam.” Logan’s voice had lowered an octave or two in warning, but Sam didn’t mind. This was what she lived for.

“Yes?” She asked innocently, turning her palm against the mushroomed head and wiping the moisture from the tip.

Sitting up fully, Sam took it upon herself to remove the t-shirt she was wearing, swiftly slipping it over her head and tossing it to the floor.

“You were telling me about this man you were going to invite. Is he as hot as you are?” She asked, not actually caring but doing her best to get her husband worked up.

“I couldn’t tell you that.” Logan sucked in a breath when she wrapped her hand around his shaft, the feel of satin coated steel beneath her palm.

“Sure you can.” She said as she glided her hand up and then down, barely gripping him. He liked when she teased him, and more importantly, Sam liked what came after.

It might have taken her longer than was necessary to end up in Logan’s bed permanently, but since the moment she said, “I do”, she’d thrown caution to the wind. Despite the fact that they didn’t have any more rendezvous with another man, the sex was still off the charts explosive as far as she was concerned.

Leaning over, Sam straddled Logan’s hips, letting her bare breasts brush against the silky hair on his chest, her nipples puckering from the sensation. Rubbing against him had become one of her favorite pastimes, and quite frankly, she’d begun to wonder if she was a cat in another life.

“Tell me, Logan.” Sam encouraged as she scooted further up his body – not down like he would have preferred – until she was straddling his chest and her breasts were inches from his mouth.

Lowering one sensitive tip to his lips, she locked her eyes with his, loving how the hazel depths swirled with uncontrolled hunger. When he latched onto her breast with his mouth, it was her turn to suck in air while her body caught fire.

“Oh God!” It was too good. The feel of his mouth, his tongue swirling around her nipple before sucking harder than she would have thought she liked. “So good.”

Sam had learned all of the things her husband liked over the last few months, and she knew how much he enjoyed when she gave him a verbal play by play of how he made her feel.

“Suck harder.” She encouraged him, and the flare of pain that flashed from her nipple to her clit proved she had wandered over to the dark side in recent months.

Pulling her breast from his mouth, Sam switched to the other side, watching as his lips slid around her nipple before applying an equal amount of tender loving care to it. She didn’t allow him as much time to play because honestly, she wasn’t sure she would be able to hold out if he kept it up.

“Sam.” His voice was rich and dark with passion, and she knew he was holding on to the very last thread of his control.

“Yes?” She asked again, knowing he was going to get frustrated with her any minute now.

“Honey,” he tried for sweet, but failed miserably, “if you don’t untie me from this fucking bed, I’m going to break the goddamn headboard.”

Grinning, Sam slid down his body once more, making sure he felt exactly how wet he’d made her in the last few minutes. And yes, she wasn’t sure how it happened, but somehow she managed to tie him to the bed. It was a wicked fantasy that was proving to be so much hotter than she originally anticipated.

“I’m not finished with you yet.” She hadn’t been able to convince him to let her tie his legs to the bed, so she was able to use that to her advantage, pushing them wider as she slid off of his body into position between his thighs.

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