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Collide (Collide #1)(10)
Author: Gail McHugh

Smiling, she tilted her head to the side. “Well, you’re assuming that I would cheat on my boyfriend to go out on a date with you, so that right there makes you a cheater.”

“I’m hoping you’ll break up with your boyfriend and go out on a date with me,” he quickly countered with a wry curving of his lips. “That right there makes me an honest man.”

She started writing down his order. “Honest, no. Conceited, yes.”

“I prefer to use the term hopeful,” he replied, studying the way she nervously bit her lip. “Can I at least get the name of the breathtakingly beautiful waitress who’s taking care of me then?”

Heated by his words, but not wanting to reveal her real name, Emily simply replied, “Molly. My name’s Molly.”

Gavin opened his mouth to speak when Antonio called out from across the restaurant.

“Country, you have a phone call.”

Emily unwillingly tore her attention from Gavin. She sauntered over to the host station where Fallon stood with a curious look molding her face.

“Well, what did he say?” Fallon asked.

Emily frowned. “He has a girlfriend.”

“Fuck, and I waited, too,” she blurted out. Picking up her purse, she headed out the door. “Guess the old man will have to do for now. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

After a wave to bid Fallon goodbye, Emily reached for the phone and found it was Dillon calling to make plans for the evening. After they hung up, she was glad that he called. It brought her thoughts back to where she knew they should be. Drawing in a deep breath, she strolled over to the computer and entered Gavin’s order. She greeted a family of three and completed her side work for the day.

Eventually, she risked a glance over to Gavin when she took a seat at the coffee bar to wait for his order. She felt inordinately overwhelmed as their eyes met and locked. She was confused. She didn’t know why she was shaken by his gaze and hated the fact that she actually liked the way he stared at her. Emily suddenly snapped from her coma-like daze when she heard one of the cooks call for her. She went into the kitchen, picked up Gavin’s food, and grabbed a coffee pot.

“One Asiago cheese and portabella mushroom panini sandwich with spinach,” she said, placing it down in front of him. “And here’s a little more coffee for you.”

“Thank you.” Gavin’s eyes flicked to her neck as she leaned over to pour the coffee, the sweet scent of her body teasing his nose. Picturing his lips sliding against her beautiful skin, he brought his attention back to her face and gave her a smile. He cleared his throat, trying to rid himself of the vision.

Emily’s heart thumped erratically as he stared at her. “Can I get you anything else for now?”

“Actually, yes. I’m sorry,” he said, trying to pull himself from the odd spell she’d cast on him. “I received a call notifying me that I need to get back to the office. Can you bring me a box to put this in?”

“Oh…I’m sorry it took so long,” she said, picking up the plate. “I’ll just put it in a box for you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I should’ve said something earlier.” He rose to his feet, shrugging into his suit jacket. “Take your time.”

Emily turned away, striding toward the kitchen door.

Gavin took out a business card and two $100 bills. He wrapped them around the card and covered it up with a $5 bill.

Emily returned with the box and handed it to him. “Again, I’m sorry it took so long,” she said, staring into his eyes. Her senses automatically became heated again.

Gavin leaned himself in, inches from her face. Reaching for her hand, he placed the money-wrapped card in her palm, his breath soft against her ear. “And I told you not to worry about it.”

Emily froze as her breathing became as ragged as her heartbeat. His warm breath so close to her body almost sent her over the edge. He radiated a palpable, sexual energy that she couldn’t deny—and she was pretty damn sure that no other warm-blooded female would be able to resist either. Unable to form a sentence, she didn’t answer as she looked up into his eyes.

His mouth curved into an alluring smile. “Call me if you change your mind, Molly.”

With that, he turned and walked out the door while the eyes of every woman in the restaurant followed him.

Emily let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding. She thumbed through the cash not only shocked to see how much he’d tipped her, but that he’d left his card, too. Blank side up, she fought with herself to not turn it over. She let out a sigh, inwardly furious at herself, as she tried to brush thoughts about this man out of her head. It was no use. He was invading every corner of her mind.

She couldn’t deny that she found him beyond attractive; she’d been startled into staring the first time she saw him. There was something mysterious about his eyes, which were a shade of blue so light they almost begged her to submit to him, obey him, and do some of the naughtiest things with him that her mind could conjure up. Maybe it was the curve of his cheekbones, which fell slightly short of being too high. Possibly, it was the smooth, raspy tone of his voice, which basically disarmed her every cognitive thought the first time he talked to her.

Of course he has a bedroom voice to go with those bedroom eyes.

He was definitely a fuckable, bedroom-voice-and-eyes-bearing specimen. Fuckable or not, Emily knew she’d have to resist as long as her sanity ruled over her subconscious mind. It took everything she had in her to make her way into the kitchen without looking at his name and contact number. Against every sexual demon in her head that screamed at her to go for it, she threw the card into the garbage, her fingers tingling from its absence.

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