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The Ending I Want(7)
Author: Samantha Towle

True. But still…

“If I owned this plane, I’d be sitting in first-class.”

“First-class doesn’t interest me. You, on the other hand…you interest me a lot.”

He interests me a lot, too. Especially his tongue and hot body.

“And I leave first-class seats to the paying customers. Also, why would I want to move when I have first class sitting right next to me?”

I fight a smile. “Your pick-up lines are terrible. Anyone ever tell you that?”

He gives me a mock-offended look. “I haven’t had any complaints before.”

“I don’t think it was your pick-up lines they were after. And I don’t mean your money either.”

“You’re referring to my big cock?” He deadpans.

I laugh. He’s so confident…and honestly, it’s a huge turn-on.

“I guess I’ll know the answer to that question later,” I say softly.

“Yes, you will.”


Then, something occurs to me.

“How old are you?” I ask him.

I know for sure that he must be older than me, but he doesn’t look that old.

“Why?” He eyes me suspiciously.

“Just wondering.”

“I’m thirty-two. Your turn.”

Wow. He’s ten years older than me. How hot is that?

But it might not be hot to him that I’m younger.

“I don’t know if I should tell you…” I bite my lower lip. “You might change your mind if I do.”

His expression freezes. “You’re not seventeen, are you?”

“Fuck no.” I laugh. “I’m twenty-two.”

“Thank fuck for that.” He exhales, his face relaxing.

“You are ten years older than me though. An older man. Like a sexy sugar daddy.”

He chokes out a sound. “I’m thirty-two, not fifty-two. And call me a sugar daddy again, and I’ll be rescinding the oral invitation.”

I laugh. For real. It’s loud and happy, and it feels alien. I can’t remember the last time I laughed like this.

It was before my family died.

But he did that. He made me laugh, and he’s made me smile a ton.

And he’s going to do so much more—with his tongue on the most intimate part of me.

Oh God, I can’t wait.

I’m going back to Liam Hunter’s place to have sex.

Liam Hunter, the gazillionaire businessman, who owns airplanes, credit card and finance companies, hotels—crap, I’m even staying in one of his hotels—and so much other stuff that I can’t even remember. And he’s older than me, which is just so incredibly sexy because he must be all experienced with sex.

This is going to be amazing.

I’m going to be tongue-fucked by Liam Hunter, and I cannot wait.

God bless, England.

It’s seven thirty in the evening when we land in London.

I’m in England.

I can’t believe I’m actually here.

I pull my carry-on out from underneath the seat in front of me and hang it on my shoulder while I wait for Liam to get his bag and jacket out of the overhead compartment.

Standing in the walkway, he lets me out first.

I can feel him at my back as we exit the plane with other passengers.

When we step off the plane onto the jetway, a guy in a high-vis jacket is waiting there.

He approaches Liam. “Mr. Hunter, if you would come this way, please, I’ll take you to passport control.”

“You have someone to take you through passport control?” I ask Liam.

“They open a separate one for me.” He actually looks a little embarrassed telling me this.

“Well, us mere mortals have to line up.” I smile. “So, I’ll see you on the other side.”

I wonder if I will see him on the other side?

He’s made no mention of me going back to his place since he said it at the start of the flight.

“No, you won’t because you’re coming with me.” He takes ahold of my hand and starts to lead me along, following high-vis guy.

We enter passport control and walk straight over to a passport booth.

“Siobhan will take care of you, Mr. Hunter,” high-vis guy tells him, stopping by it.

I can see the other passengers, who are starting to filter through, staring at us from across the room. If I were them, I’d be hating on us right now.

“Can I have your passport, please?” Siobhan says with a bright smile, her eyes focused on Liam.

“Ladies first.” Liam gestures to me.

Moving forward, I hand Siobhan my passport.

“First time in England?” Siobhan asks me.

“It is.” I smile.

“Well, enjoy your stay,” she says, handing me my passport back.

Liam hands his over to her, and then I feel his chest pressing against my back.

“Shaw,” he says, looking over my shoulder at my passport.

“That’s my name.” I put my passport away in my bag.

“Welcome home, Mr. Hunter.” Siobhan hands Liam his passport, giving him another dazzling smile.

“My luggage?” he asks her.

“Already collected and with your driver.”

“Thank you.”

He takes my hand again and starts leading me away from passport control and in the opposite direction of baggage claim.

I tug him to a stop. “You might have your luggage, big boss man, but I need to go get mine.”

“Already collected and in my car. I told them to get yours as well.”

“And how did you know which luggage was mine?”

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