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The Ending I Want(5)
Author: Samantha Towle

“Taylor,” I say, my voice sounding incredibly husky. Almost sexy. Very unlike me.

“Taylor,” he repeats softly. “Beautiful name for a beautiful woman.”

I laugh softly, rolling my eyes. “Smooth.”

“I can be rough when I need to be.”


I actually gulp because…well, him saying those words in that English accent—hot as fuck.

“So, Taylor, with the list from Boston—”

“I never told you I was from Boston.”

“You’re on a flight from Boston. Call it a wild guess.”

“Well, you’re on a flight from Boston, but you’re not from Boston.” I don’t know why I’m being so obtuse. But being this way with him is kinda fun.

“My English accent gave it away, huh?” He smirks. “Okay, so, Taylor, with the list, who isn’t from Boston—where are you from?”

“Boston.” I grin.

He lets out a deep laugh. It resounds in my chest, leaving me with a warm glowy feeling.

“You make me laugh,” he tells me.

“You say that like not many people do.”

His eyes pin mine. “They don’t. I’m a hard man to please.”

I can imagine.

“So, is that the list?” He taps a finger to the paper in my lap.

“It is.” I curl my fingers around the edge of it.

“Can I see it?”

“No, you can’t see it,” I say, offended that he thinks he can.

“Why not? What’s on there?” He’s leaning closer, curiosity written all over his face.

I lean away. “Nothing. It’s just private.”

“I think you and I are past private. You just had your tongue in my mouth.”

“So? Y-you had your tongue in my mouth.” And I’m five years old.

A smile slides onto those awesome lips of his. “And I am more than willing to put my tongue back in there. Just say the word.”

I roll my eyes. “You’re not kissing me again”—why did I say that? I would totally kiss him again. Sometimes, I could really slap myself—“and you’re not reading my list either.”

“Okay. Whatever you say.” He leans back in his chair, stretching his legs out the best he can with the limited room he has.

And I relax in the knowledge that we’re past this conversation.

Until the bastard snatches my list from my lap.


Liam turns away, so all I’m getting is his back as I try to grab my list.

“Give me that back!”

“Go to England. Kiss a stranger. Have lots of sex,” his deep voice rumbles out the words I wrote.

He glances at me over his shoulder, a shit-eating grin on his face.

I don’t even bother with trying to get the list back now. What’s the point? He’s already seen it.


I fall back into my seat, my face feeling like a blowtorch went at it. “You’re an asshole,” I mutter.

He turns to face me, my list in his hand but still held out of my reach. “Aw, don’t be like that, Taylor, from Boston. I was just curious to read it.”

I’m pretty sure he’s going for contrite, but he’s failing miserably.

I glare at him. I’m going for death-by-laser stare.

It doesn’t work because he gives me a panty-dropping smile. I’d like to say I’m unaffected, but I’m not; however, I don’t let him know that.

“Curious? I don’t think so. An effing thief? Yes.”

He laughs. “I’m sorry. But you don’t need to be embarrassed. It’s a good list.” He looks back to my list. “Have sex with a stranger,” he continues on reading. “Have sex with a stranger outdoors. You do know I can help you with all of these, right?” He lifts a brow at me.

I give him the middle finger.

He laughs again and looks back to the list. Then, he stops laughing and stares at me with what can only be described as complete horror. “You’ve never had oral sex?”


Why the hell did I put that on my list?

Because I wasn’t expecting someone else to read it.

Mortification fills every part of me, and my face starts to burn.

Fighting against my discomfort, I fold my arms over my chest and lift my chin. “So what if I haven’t had oral sex? It’s not like it’s the law, you know.”

“Well, it fucking should be. I just…” He scratches his head. “How in the hell has someone who looks like you not had a guy go down on her before? I’d think men would be queuing up, begging to do it.”

“Clearly, they haven’t been,” I mutter, turning my eyes away.

“Well, we need to rectify this immediately,” he says, determination in his voice, yanking my eyes straight back to his.

“What?” I squeak.

“I’m going to make you come with my mouth, and tongue.”

Holy Mary, Mother of God!

“I’m not going in the airplane restroom with you.” My voice is still squeaky, and that burn of embarrassment has turned into a total hot flush.

A deep rumble of a laugh escapes Liam. “Trust me, gorgeous, there would be nothing more uncomfortable than me trying to go down on you in an airplane bathroom. The first time you have oral sex, it should be fucking stupendous, something you’ll never forget. So, the moment we land, you and I are going straight to my place, and I’m going to strip you naked and give you the pleasure of my tongue. For hours.”


My insides wobble. But my voice is clear. “I don’t think so.”

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