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The Ending I Want(4)
Author: Samantha Towle

Thank God.

But what if he has a girlfriend?

Well, he did kiss me back, so I would hope the hell not.

Still, I should probably say something. Like, Sorry for kissing you.

But I can still taste him in my mouth.

I touch my fingers to my lips, and I can’t help but smile. At the memory of his kiss and the way he felt under my hands, a quiver happens in my belly.

It’s really hard to be sorry for kissing him when he’s made me feel this amazing. But I should say it anyway even if I don’t mean it. It’s just good manners to apologize when you’ve kissed a guy you don’t know without any warning even if he did kiss you back.

“Um…I’m not exactly sure why I just did that.” I bite my lip, unable to look him directly in the face. “I’m really sorry.”

He’s silent for so long that I have to look. And he looks like he’s…almost offended by my words. Or maybe he’s just offended by me planting my lips on his. I mean, I would be offended if a random person kissed me out of the blue. Well, maybe not if they looked like him. I would pretend to be offended, but inside, I’d totally be doing cartwheels.

His eyes meet mine, and his look sears through me. “Don’t be sorry. I’m not.” His hot English voice sounds all rough and sexy, making me shiver even more.

And…he’s not sorry that I kissed him. Interesting.

“But you lied when you said you didn’t know why you kissed me,” he adds.

That gets my attention. My brows lift. “I lied?”

“Mmhmm. You know why you kissed me.”

“I do?”

“It’s because I’m irresistible.” A smile flickers in his eyes, lighting up his whole face.

Goddamn, he’s handsome.

I fight to keep the smile from mine. “Oh, is that so?”

“Yep. Strange women kiss me all the time.”

“God, it must suck to be you.”

“Yeah, it’s hard going.” He gives a dramatic sigh, that damn smile still on his face.

I stare down at my hands as a beat of silence passes between us.

“Actually,” I say, “it wasn’t that—not that you’re not irresistible—but I kissed you because I wanted to kiss a stranger.”

I lift my eyes back to him. He’s still looking at me.

“Interesting thing to want to do.”

“I have a whole list of things I want to do.”

Why did I tell him that?

My eyes seek out my list, which is on the floor along with my pen and the Hunter Airways brochure. They must’ve fallen when I was busy sticking my tongue down his throat.

Leaning down, I pick them up and set them on my lap—list facedown, of course.

He stretches out in his seat and then nudges my leg with his. Heat travels from the spot he just touched, heading straight to my happy place.

“Well, I’m glad I could be of service to help you cross that off your list,” he says. “If you have anything else on that list—you know, like sex in an airplane bathroom—then I will definitely be down for helping you out with that, too.”

I can’t help but smile. “Good to know. Thanks.”

And, now, I can’t stop staring at the restroom sign.


Well, that’s exactly what I’m thinking about—or more like, him doing it to me in that restroom right there.

“You’re thinking about it right now, aren’t you?” he says, his voice low, like he’s just read my mind.

I slide my eyes to his. My breath catches at the look in them. Lust, total lust.

I force myself to focus on anything but that lust. “Of course I’m thinking about it. You can’t say something like to a person and not expect them to think about it. But thinking and doing aren’t the same thing.”

“No, they’re not.” A pause and then he says, “So, you and me in the bathroom?”


“It’s off the list?”

Grinning, I shake my head. This guy is funny. And hot. Dangerous combination. “It was never on it,” I tell him.

“Shame.” He chuckles. “Damn fucking shame.”

A stewardess appears beside us. She’s looking down at English Hottie. “Sir, the captain asked me to come and check on you. Are you absolutely sure you don’t want to be in first-class? We can make adjustments.”

He stares up at her, a firm smile on his lips. “No, I’m fine here.” He flickers a glance at me, which instantly heats me up on the inside, and then he looks back to her.

He’s turning first-class down? Who does that?

She shifts her stance, her eyes flickering over the cabin. “Well, if you’re absolutely sure. But if you change your mind, I can move you straight away. If you need anything, just call me, and I’ll get it.”

“I will”—I watch his eyes go to her name badge—“Sarah. Thank you.”

She lingers, just staring at him, and then seems to come to. “Okay, well, I’ll be back to check on you soon, sir.”

Wow, the power of good looks. I don’t think she even realized I was here.

“So, I guess I should formally introduce myself—you know, seeing as though we’ve already shared saliva. I’m Liam.” He holds his hand out to shake mine.

My eyes go to his large hand. Seems weird to shake his hand after I’ve just had his tongue in my mouth, but what the hell?

I slip my hand into his. His hand his smooth and strong, and it dwarfs mine. He curls his long fingers around my hand and squeezes. My mouth goes dry, and my panties get wet.

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