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The Ending I Want(15)
Author: Samantha Towle

I crane my neck back to look him. “No.”

And I don’t know if it’s something I ever want to do.

But, you’re dying, Taylor. So, why the hell not? What do you have to lose?

Swallowing past my natural nerves, my voice shakes as I say, “But…I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it out.”

Surprise flickers in his eyes, and then, soon after, a big, dirty grin spreads across his lip. “Has anyone ever told you before that you’re a man’s wet dream?”

A laugh escapes me. “Nope.”

“Well, you are. A hot fucking wet dream. I’ve been dreaming about a woman like you since I hit puberty.”

“You don’t get to fuck many asses?” I ask.

“Not as many as I’d like.” He slaps my ass again. “And I’m going to fuck your hot ass…but not today.”

“Why not?” I ask. I actually feel a little disappointed. I was getting all ready to psych myself up for it.

“Because spit alone won’t do it, and unless you have some lube, I’m not going near your ass.”

“I don’t have lube. It’s not something I thought to pack.” I smirk at him.

“I’ll just have to make sure I have some the next time we have sex.”

“We’ll be having sex again?” I raise a brow.

“We’ll definitely be having sex again.” He leans down and presses another kiss to my ass cheek, making me shiver.

I let my head fall down onto the pillow as I feel Liam get to his knees.

His hands grab my hips, and he lifts me. I bring my knees up to support myself. God knows how because my body currently feels like jelly.

Sex for me before was never anything like it is with Liam.

With Benjamin, we were just inexperienced kids, and my one-night stands were just fuck-and-goes.

Sex with Liam is so much more. There are so many feelings that come with it…and it’s incredibly intense in sensation that I’m halfway between madness and ecstasy while with him.

His finger pushes inside me again, and he starts to fuck me with it.

I’m panting and beyond needing him inside me when he reaches over and picks up the condom.

His finger leaves me. I whimper at the loss.

I hear foil tear.

I glance back to see him rolling the condom on that magnificent cock of his. His dick is straining upward, looking hard and so ready to fuck me.

He catches my eye. The smile he gives me is a dirty one, filled with a hot promise.

Liam holds my stare as he lines his cock up with my opening. Very slowly, he starts to push every delicious inch of him inside me until my eyes are closing with total bliss.

He takes his time, fucking me with measured, languid movements. Pulling all the way out and then pushing back in, inch by delicious inch.

It’s the best kind of torture.

“You look so fucking beautiful right now,” he says in a rough, low voice.

I can’t ever remember being called beautiful by a man I was fucking…except for him.

I look back at him, the bind on my wrists pulling. It stings, but I like the bite of pain.

“So do you,” I tell him.

Something flashes through his eyes. Something hot and urgent. Then, his control snaps, and he starts fucking me hard and relentless. One hand on my hip and the other pressed on my lower back, he pumps in and out of me, dominating my body.

I’ve never handed myself over to another person in this way before, but I love the way it makes me feel.

Liam lifts his hand from my back and puts his thumb in his mouth, wetting it.

The next thing I feel is that wet thumb sliding between my ass cheeks while his hand palms my lower back.

When it touches my puckered hole, I tense. “I thought we weren’t doing ass play?”

“I changed my mind. That okay with you?”

Is that okay with me?

Yes…yes, it is.

I look back, meeting with his eyes. “Yes,” I whisper.

Heat flares in his eyes.

Holding my stare, he slows his thrusts down and focuses on teasing his thumb over that sacred, untouched part of me.

Even though I told him yes, I still can’t help but tense, knowing what he’s about to do.

“Relax for me,” he whispers.

So, I do. I close my eyes and give myself over to him.

When I feel the tip of his thumb enter me, I moan, partly from the burn but surprisingly in pleasure, too.

“Are you okay?” he asks, his voice sounding rough.

“Yes,” I breathe.

“Can you take more?”

I nod my head.

He pushes his thumb in a bit further. The burn increases, but it’s not painful, just uncomfortable. There’s something else, too…something good. I feel full of him, and a desperate need starts to overtake everything else. Suddenly, the burn doesn’t matter because I want more—more him, more of what he’s doing to me.

Liam has stilled his movements, his cock seated inside me, his thumb up my ass.

And, now, I’m the one taking control, telling him with my body what I want. I push back against him and start fucking myself on him. Fucking my pussy with his cock and my ass with his thumb.

“Fuck yeah, that’s it, babe. God, the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you’d be a hot fuck.”

I want to touch my clit, but I can’t because my hands are bound. I’m totally at his mercy.

He seems to sense what I need as his other hand slides from my hip and moves around my front to my clit.

He rubs my clit with his thick finger.

I’m coming seconds later with his finger on my clit, his dick in my pussy, and his thumb up my ass.

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