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The Ending I Want(14)
Author: Samantha Towle

He unfastens his pants, pulling his shirt free. Unbuttoning the top few buttons on his shirt, he reaches back and pulls it over his head.

I stare unashamedly at his chest. I didn’t get to appreciate it in the darkness of his room last night.

But, now, I’m seeing, and holy hell am I appreciating.

He’s cut and ripped. All the way down to his V.

He is a man who works out and reaps the rewards for it.

Well, I’m the one currently reaping those rewards.

Liam has a man’s body. A real man’s body.

There’s no waxed chest here. There’s hair smattering his chest and a happy trail leading all the way to the promised land.

I’ve never been a chest-hair-on-a-guy kind of girl. I’m now officially converted.

All I want to do is run my tongue over that chest hair and follow that happy trail down into those pants to what I know awaits me there.

“Like what you see?”

I lift my eyes to his. “Very much so. But some of you is still covered.” I gesture to his pants. “Take off your fucking pants, Hunter.”

He grins at me. It’s a lazy but oh-so sexy grin.

“I want you to take them off for me.” His words are very distinct. He steps toward the bed, so he’s standing by the edge of it.

Getting up on my knees, I reach for his zipper and lower it. The sound is loud in the silence.

I slip my hands into the back of his pants and push them down, letting them fall to the floor.

Liam kicks them off to the side.

I slide my fingers into the waistband of his boxer shorts and tug them down.

His cock springs free.

And then I’m just too distracted to get his boxers fully off.

I can’t take my eyes off his cock.

It’s just so hard and big, and…there.

Liam removes his boxer shorts the rest of the way. I wrap my hand around his cock. He groans, his stomach muscles tensing.

I got that he was big from the feel of him inside me last night, but looking at his cock right now in the light of day, I’m wondering how the hell it actually fit.

Pre-cum beads on the tip, and my mouth waters to taste him.

I lean my head down and lick the tip, loving the shudder that runs through his body.

His fingers slide into my hair. “Suck it,” he rasps out the command.

I glance up at him. The look in his eyes…I’ve never seen a man look so on the edge of need.

I give him a seductive smile, and then I lower my mouth over his cock, taking him in.

I haven’t had a lot of experience with giving head. But I want this to be really good for Liam, so, I give it my all, wanting to make him feel as amazing as he makes me feel.

I wrap my hand around the base, jacking him off, while I suck him.

He seems to like it as his grip on my hair tightens, and he says, “Yeah, fuck, that’s it. Suck it harder.”

So, I suck harder.

His other hand takes ahold of my hair, and he starts fucking my mouth with his cock, hips pistoning back and forth. “Jesus…your mouth feels so fucking good,” he groans.

I rest my hands on his hips, going with what he needs. His cock feels amazing, sliding between my lips.

Without warning, he pulls from my mouth, and then I’m none too gently pushed down onto the bed. He spreads my legs and gets down on his knees. His mouth is on my pussy in seconds, his tongue pushing inside me.

“On my God!” I cry out.

Liam lifts his head and stares at me. “Right now, I am your god, and don’t you fucking forget it.”


He pushes a finger inside me. And another. Fucking me with them, he starts to suck on my clit.

Seconds later, I’m exploding around his mouth.

I didn’t realize how worked up I was. Guess that’s the power of oral sex. Or just the power of him.

“Move up to the head of the bed, and get on your stomach.”

I lift my lazy head, still lax from the orgasm, and look at him.

“Now,” he says.

I don’t argue because I know that whatever he has in mind will mean more pleasure for me.

Face pressed into the pillow, I hear Liam moving around, and then he climbs on the bed. A condom lands on the pillow beside my head.

He takes ahold of one wrist and then the other, bringing them together above my head. He starts to wrap his tie around my wrists.

“Um, you’re tying me up?” I glance back at him.

“Looks that way. You have a problem with that?”

Do I have a problem with that?

“No.” I shake my head. “So long as you untie me at the end. I don’t fancy being on the receiving end of a hotel maid’s joke.”

He chuckles low and deep, and then he leans in and captures my lips in a hot kiss. I can taste myself on him. It’s crazy erotic.

“Don’t worry. I have plans for you this afternoon that don’t require you being tied to a bed.”

He ties my bound wrists to the metal headboard, using the remainder of the tie.

I’m figuring he does this often, as he has me bound and tied in less than a minute.

I feel him press a kiss between my shoulder blades. Then, he starts to kiss his way down my spine.

His hand runs over my ass cheek…and then he slaps it.

“Ouch,” I hiss.

I feel his lips press to the offending sting, his tongue running over the area, soothing it.

I haven’t been spanked before.

Gotta say, I quite like it. It feels…naughty and incredibly sexy. Especially when I’m tied up and totally at his mercy.

I feel his finger run between my ass cheeks, causing me to tense. “Have you ever been fucked up the arse?” he asks, voice low.

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