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The Ending I Want(13)
Author: Samantha Towle

“No. I woke up with a raging hard-on and no you there to fuck. So, I had to come to work, sporting a massive erection. It’s raising some eyebrows from my staff.”

With that image, I can’t stop the grin that covers my face. “You should have jerked off before you left for work. And, hang on, you’re at work with a hard-on and my panties in your hand?”

He lets out a laugh. “When you put it like that, it sounds really pervy.”

“It is pervy! You’ve been walking around with my panties in your hand.”

“I haven’t been walking around with your panties in my hand. They were in my pocket. They’re in my hand now that I’m in my office, alone, talking to you. God, I can smell you on them, Taylor.” His voice drops lower. “I can still taste you in my mouth, and it’s making me so hard. I need to fuck you again.”

He needs to fuck me again.

“Now?” I breathe the word out.

“I’ve got a meeting in five minutes. I’ll be at your hotel room in an hour. I want you naked and ready for me. We’re going to fuck, and then I’m taking you out, so we can start making a dent in your list.”

Holy God.

“Has anyone ever told you that you are insanely bossy?”

“I’m not bossy. I’m just a man who knows what he wants, and right now, I want you. I want to be between your thighs with my cock deep inside you, fucking you hard. That okay with you?”



“Good. I’ll see you in an hour.”

Then, he hangs up on me.

Holy shit!

I thought last night was a one-time thing. But, now, he’s coming here, and we’re going to have sex again.

Oh my God.

I call room service for breakfast, and then I go take a shower in preparation for Liam coming.

I dress in my knee-length skirt with red flowers on it and a white strappy top. And, of course, I’ve put on my best underwear.

Breakfast arrives soon after. I quickly scarf down some toast with marmalade on it. I’m totally trying to be English.

I’m just finishing my coffee when there’s a firm knock at the door.

Putting my cup down, I go over to the door and open it.

And there stands Liam. He’s wearing a charcoal-gray three-piece suit with a white shirt and gray tie, and he looks hot as hell.

He strides through the door. Hooking his arm around my waist, he brings me up onto my tiptoes, and he takes my mouth in a delicious kiss as he kicks the door shut with his foot. My hands flutter to his chest.

“Hi,” he rumbles against my lips.

“Hi.” I’m breathy and seriously turned on already, and all he’s done is kiss me.

“Don’t you ever leave my bed again before I’m done with you.”

I blink my eyes open, and stare into his. “Yes, sir.”

“So long as we know where we stand.”

“God, you’re bossy.”

“Well, people generally do what I say without complaint.”

“Except for me.”

“Except for you.” He smiles against my mouth, and I love the feeling.

I love it a little bit too much.

“Do you want something to drink?” I ask, tipping my head back so that I can properly look him in the eyes.

“No, I don’t want something to drink…and you’re dressed.” He speculatively eyes me, tugging on a strap with his finger. “I specifically told you that I wanted you naked.”

“Well, I thought it would be more fun if you undressed me.”

The predatory look in his eyes has me stepping back toward the bed, and it sets off a swarm of butterflies in my belly, which are quickly heading south.

“I want you to undress for me. Strip. Now,” he orders, his arms folding over his broad chest.

God, I want to strip him out of that sexy suit of his.

“Bossy,” I mutter.

“I didn’t hear you complaining last night when my head was between your legs, making you come. Now, take off your fucking clothes.”

After that little speech, I have nothing…nothing but wet panties and hard nipples.

My hands go to the zipper on my skirt, and I slowly lower it. I push the fabric down over my hips, letting it pool at my feet. I step out of it. I pull my top off over my head and drop it on top of the skirt, leaving me standing here, in my underwear.

His eyes darken with appreciation. And, in this moment, I’ve never felt sexier and more powerful.

“Underwear as well.” His commanding eyes meet with mine.

I remove my bra first, loving how his eyes go to my breasts and seem to get stuck there. I hook my thumbs in the elastic of my panties and shimmy them down my legs, toeing them off to the side.

The shy part of me wants to cover my body with my hands, but I refuse to be that shy girl.

Especially not with the way that Liam is looking at me right now—with absolute appreciation for my body.

There is nothing more empowering than having a man look at you like Liam is looking at me.

In this moment, I’m not Taylor Shaw, brain tumor girl.

I’m Taylor Shaw, sex goddess.

With that bolstering my confidence, I say, “Now that you have me naked, what are you going to do with me?”

Liam unfastens his eyes from my breasts and pins me with a hot stare. “Things that will have you coming for days. Now, get on the fucking bed.”

I scramble up onto the bed without hesitation.

Eager? Hell yes, I am. I know how this man fucks—hot and hard and thorough.

Liam toes off his shoes and yanks off his tie. After removing his jacket and vest, he then takes off his cuff links, putting them on the nightstand by the bed.

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