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Leveled (Saints of Denver #0.5)(15)
Author: Jay Crownover

“I told you it was going to hurt a little bit.” I used my thumbs and really dug in using a circular motion, and the skin and muscle gave under the pressure. I knew he wouldn’t openly complain no matter how uncomfortable he was so I had to make sure that I tempered my touch and didn’t hurt him more than he already was.

He snorted and peeled an eye open, but this time kept his gaze focused on the part of my body that was practically begging him for attention.

“Looks like I’m not the only one hurting a little bit.” There were equal amounts of humor and sex laced throughout his tone and it took a Herculean effort on my part to keep moving my hands and to keep focused on the task at hand.

It wasn’t just the knot in his shoulder that was tense and hard. He was solid through and through, pretty much just tight skin stretched over miles of muscle that had very little give. He was in better shape than a lot of the athletes that I worked on. It was another indicator of how serious he was about his job and taking on the role of hero. A man didn’t get a body like Dom’s without serious effort and dedication. Everything he did was tied into him being a police officer and even with the evidence of that, tactile and real, under my fingertips, I still wanted him.

I wanted to get to know him. I wanted to see if his brash and flirty nature extended all the way to the bedroom, and I wanted to know if he did everything else as well as he kissed. I wanted to spend time with him outside of this gym and I wanted to let myself want him.

We both tensed and seemed to stop breathing as I moved the rest of the way down his back and lifted the sheet that covered his lower half. I purposely skipped putting my hands anywhere near the almost perfect ass that was staring me in the face and went to work on his injured leg. I was surprised to find it crisscrossed in various surgical scars and ridged with scar tissue. I hadn’t seen this much of him uncovered before considering that he usually wore track pants or sweats when we met for his sessions. I felt him tense as I absently traced my fingers over the brutal marks that were stark and pale against his dark skin.

“You have a very dangerous job, Dominic.” The words rushed out before I could stop them and I knew they sounded accusatory, but I couldn’t help it.

His thigh muscle twitched and I heard him sigh. “I do. But how many clients do you see that are hurt worse than I am that aren’t in law enforcement, Lando?”

He had a valid point. Some of my hardest cases came off the field or were the results of traffic accidents that had nothing to do with the kind of danger he faced every day. I didn’t answer as I used my palms to work the long muscles in his legs. The gesture made his ass cheeks clench under the sheet covering his hips and I heard him groan. I wasn’t sure if it was in pleasure or pain, but my guess would be the first. I wanted to groan, too. He really was a sight to behold, laid out before me like he was.

By the time I got to his other leg and was about to tell him to turn over so that I could torture myself by working on the front of him, Dom had had enough. He flipped over on the table and sat up.

He reached out and grabbed one of my oil-slicked hands in his. His dark eyebrows were low over his eyes and there was no missing the veritable tent at the front of the sheet where it barely covered him or the heat in his gaze as he told me, “Okay there is only one place on the front of me I want your hands, so you need to let me know right now if you’re on board with that or not. If not I’m going to very carefully get up off this table and go home.”

I exhaled so hard my nostrils flared out. I felt a little dizzy and my thoughts between what I should say to him and what I was going to say to him were banging so loudly into one another it made my head hurt … but not as bad as my throbbing dick hurt.

“I’m on board. I shouldn’t be, but I am.” I blinked at him for a second and then shook my head ruefully. “If I put my hands on your dick you’re going to have to work with a different PT, Dom.”

His eyebrows shot up and a wicked grin pulled at his mouth. I wanted to kiss it off him. “Then find me another PT to work with and put your hands on my dick and come closer so I can put my mouth on yours.” I wasn’t really sure if he meant put his mouth on my dick or my mouth, but really I was okay with it being on either so I took a step forward.

It was a monumental step. I went from falling to actively leaping into the unknown with someone that scared the hell out of me and the thrill of it popped and zinged up and down my spine in a rush.

I reached the edge of the table and put a hand on his shoulder. I figured I could lead up to getting to the good stuff, but I already knew Dom was the impatient type, so it didn’t shock me at all when he took that hand off his shoulder and put it directly on his very eager and very erect cock. It jumped as soon as my fingers curled around the thickness and I let out a little moan as his hand slipped around the back of my head and pulled me down until our open mouths lined up. It was his turn to kiss me.

It was less desperate and frantic than the kiss I had laid on him in the parking lot. He was more in control than I had been and I liked the push and pull of us against each other. I also liked the way his entire body tensed up and moved towards mine as I started to move my hand up and down the turgid shaft. It made my own arousal tighten and pulse in time to his rapid heartbeat.

Our tongues tangled. Our chests pressed together. Our hands got anxious and grabby and our breath rushed in and out as we pressed closer and closer into one another. Dom’s hips kicked up off the massage table as the flat of my palm rolled over the sensitive tip of his cock. He was already leaking and quivering like it wouldn’t take much to push him over the edge and I liked the shot of satisfaction that gave me. I was all about making people feel good and when it was someone I wanted naked and all over me then I took extra pride in their pleasure. And god damn, did pleasure look good on Dom.

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