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Deepest Kiss (Stark Trilogy #3.10)(8)
Author: J. Kenner

I almost say that I’m the lucky one, but then I remember that I’m not supposed to talk. I feel him lean over me so that his erection brushes my ass as his torso skims my back. He presses a soft kiss between my shoulder blades and whispers, “Good girl.” And in that moment, I know that I did exactly the right thing by staying silent.

Damien has plans for me, and as he starts to kiss his way down my spine, I think they will be spectacular.

His lips are soft on my skin, and he moves slowly, almost lazily down my body. At the same time, his hands reach beneath me, stroking my breasts and my belly. Tracing a path along my rib cage. Each touch is feather light, magnificent in its innocent sensuality. And so deliciously seductive that I feel as though every cell in my body is glowing, hyperaware of these caresses and primed with pleasure.

Throughout it all, his cock and balls brush my rear. Teasing my anus, rubbing my cunt. Making me even wetter. Making me tense and throbbing with need. I want him inside me. I want him everywhere, and the fact that I am essentially tied in place—that the most I can do is roll over onto my side—both frustrates me and adds to my excitement. I’m right there, fully on display, as exposed and open as a paid hooker. And yet he is being as gentle as a man who is seducing his woman.

The contrast is intoxicating.

Finally—finally—he reaches the base of my spine. His hands lightly cup the globes of my rear as his tongue teases my ass and my cunt, then lower still to flick over my clit. “Baby, you taste so good.”

I bite my lip against the urge to answer him. To beg him. To scream that I want him inside me.

“Tell me,” he says as he slides two fingers inside me, “do you want to be fucked?”

“Yes. Oh, god yes, Damien.”

“Good answer, baby. Because I don’t think I can wait any longer.”

He thrusts his fingers deeper inside me, making me buck and writhe. My head is down, so I can see nothing, and that only heightens the sensation when he trails those sex slick fingers up to my ass, then teases the rim. I bite my lip, wanting him there, too. I know that he realizes it, and yet he is showing no mercy.

I actually whimper.

“Like this, baby?” he asks.

“Yes. Please, yes.”

“Or maybe like this?” As he speaks, he eases the fingers into my ass even as he thrusts his cock into me. The sensation of being simultaneously—and unexpectedly—filled is so incredible that I cry out at the same time that I push back and up wanting more of him, all of him.

He doesn’t disappoint. He fucks me harder. Deeper. And it’s so incredible that I feel like a wild thing, shamelessly twisting and thrusting in an attempt for more sensation, more intensity.

More Damien.

I’m so lost in the feel of him that it takes me a bit to realize that his other hand is playing with my clit. He’s orchestrating my pleasure like a symphony, and right then, I think the cymbals are about to crash.

“Damien!” His name on my lips is an incantation as much as a prayer, and I shatter beneath him, my body pumping him as he explodes inside me in time with my own crazy, intense, body-shaking convulsions.

It seems to last forever, and I think that I cannot survive this onslaught of pleasure. Then slowly, the intensity fades and Damien very gently pulls out of me, then cuts the cable ties. I collapse onto the floor with him beside me.

He kisses me, then pulls me close and strokes my arm lazily as he grins. “How was your punishment?”

“I’m tempted to be very bad all the time,” I admit, making him laugh. I lean forward and kiss him softly. “I’m so glad you’re back.”

“I’m sorry I was late. Sorry I missed hanging out with the guys, too. How was the shower?”

“Girlie,” I say. “And fun.” I give him the rundown, with the highlight of course being my victory in Pin the Sperm on the Egg. That, of course, leads to more talks about the reason for the baby shower in the first place—the actual baby who’s coming into the world in just a few weeks.

“Everyone’s asking when we’ll have one,” I tell him, then see a faint tinge of terror behind his eyes. Or maybe I’m just seeing the reflection of my own fear. I laugh, then snuggle close.

Someday we’ll have a family, I think. Right now, I’m content to have the man.

The delicious scent of hazelnut coffee draws me out of sleep, and I open my eyes to find the most gorgeous man in the world smiling down at me.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he says as he puts the coffee on the side table and sits beside me on the bed.

“I think that’s my line. You’re an incredible sight to wake up to.” I stretch, then push myself up so that I’m sitting with my back to the headboard, the sheet tucked under my arms to ward off the morning chill. Damien hands me the coffee and I take a sip, then moan in what is almost orgasmic pleasure. “This is exactly what I need.”

“But is it all you need?” His voice is low, and as he speaks, he’s slowly tugging at the sheet so that it slips lower and lower, finally revealing my breasts. With a triumphant expression, he releases it so that it pools around my waist.

“Not all.” I take another sip and sigh with pleasure. “But it’s definitely high on the list.”

“Is it?” He inches closer, then brushes his fingertip lightly over my collarbone, the simple touch igniting a fire inside me.


“And what else is on the list?” he asks as he rips the sheet off the bed, exposing me. He moves between my legs, urging my thighs apart as he does so.

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