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Jamie Grey


  » The Star Thief (Star Thief Chronicles #1)

  » Fortune's Risk (Star Thief Chronicles #1.5)

  » Athena's Ashes (Star Thief Chronicles #2)

  » Ultraviolet Catastrophe

About This Author

As a tech-obsessed gamer geek, Jamie Grey writes sci-fi, fantasy, and contemporary romances about smart women and the men who fall in love with them. Her stories weave together strong heroines, exciting plots, and heart-pounding romance. There may also be a few explosions thrown in for good measure. She was born and raised in Michigan and has always been the bookish sort. Now she and her husband, Ryan, live in a picturesque college town where she can fully embrace her nerdy side (and order carry-out every night). Aside from writing, Jamie loves reading, playing video games, traveling with her husband, and adding to her already-massive tea collection. Public speaking, children, and cooking terrify her.

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